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The definitive listing of Static Site Generators — all 460 of them!

Stars Name License Language Created Updated
121⭐️ABlog is a Sphinx extension that converts any documentation or personal website project into a full-fledged blog.otherPython6 years ago9 months ago
37⭐️Flexible static sites generator suitable even for big and complex sites with dynamically generated pages such as pages for each tag etc (not on the fly obviously as it just produces HTML).mitRuby10 years ago7 months ago
280⭐️(unmaintained) static blog generator in python with incremental rendering ⛺BSD-2-ClausePython9 years ago3 months ago
21⭐️A content management system tool-suite to generate static websites, written in Node.jsJavaScript8 years agoa year ago
46⭐️Static Blog Generator——静态博客生成器Common Lisp8 years ago5 months ago
463⭐️A static site generator built with React and Webpack.mitJavaScript6 years ago4 months ago
A Static Site Generator as a Service. Appernetic is a web service for managing and generating static content for GitHub Pages.Web5 years ago
3806⭐️Get the rocks out of your socks! Assemble makes you fast at web development! Used by thousands of projects for rapid prototyping, themes, scaffolds, boilerplates, e-books, UI components, API documentation, blogs, building websites/static site generator, an alternative to Jekyll for gh-pages and more! Gulp- and grunt-friendly. mitJavaScript8 years ago3 months ago
Automad is a file-based CMS and template engine. It is designed to be fully portable without any dependencies on databases or fixed locations and doesn't require any complicated setup process.MITPHP
272⭐️A static site baking and deployment tool written in Ruby.mitRuby11 years ago4 months ago
57⭐️A Django templating based static CMS.mitPython12 years agoa year ago
61⭐️The bash static site generator with real template enginegpl-2.0Perl7 years ago4 months ago
26⭐️Generate static websites easilyISCJavaScript6 years ago4 months ago
14⭐️Easiest Static Web Generator on the Planet (beta)MITJavaScript9 years ago3 years ago
991⭐️A single Bash script to create blogs. Download, run, write, done!GPL-3.0Shell8 years ago3 months ago
16⭐️in-progress free blogging tool especially for codersgpl-3.0Perl9 years ago5 months ago
2⭐️DYI static site generatormitPython6 years ago6 years ago
180⭐️Blog engineWTFPLPython8 years ago5 months ago
Host your static websites on for free.
563⭐️A generic static site generator built using flatiron, plates, and marked.mitJavaScript9 years ago4 months ago
Blatter is a tiny tool for creating and publishing static web sites built from dynamic templates.MITPython
static html page generation in perlBSD-2-ClausePerl
9⭐️A simple static site/blog generator like jekyll (made in node.js)JavaScript9 years ago4 months ago
137⭐️A blog compiler.bsd-3-clauseC5 years ago3 months ago
Just another static blog generator, written in C++17.WTFPLC++
18⭐️A local static blog site generator and previewer,that help you deploy blog on github pagesgpl-3.0Python8 years agoa year ago
11⭐️Project moved to gitlab ...BSD-3-ClausePython8 years ago6 months ago
334⭐️A static website compiler and blog engine written in Python.MITPython12 years ago4 months ago
21⭐️A static blog generator in pythongpl-3.0Python8 years ago3 years ago
Blosxom (pronounced blossom) is a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind.MITPerl19 years ago
160⭐️Because "I just blogged about it" is too difficult to say.MITPython8 years agoa year ago
293⭐️A tiny static web site generatormitRuby11 years ago5 months ago
7⭐️A Node.js, MVC based static site generatormitJavaScript6 years ago3 years ago
11⭐️file based static website/blog generator :bread:mitJavaScript9 years agoa year ago
110⭐️Content management and publishing system(BSD-3-Clause AND LGPL-2.1 AND CC-BY-SA-2.5)Perl11 years ago4 months ago
115⭐️A Webpack-aware, Ruby-powered static site generator for the modern Jamstack eramitRuby5 months ago3 months ago
95⭐️Static Sites Powered by BroccoliMITJavaScript6 years agoa year ago
356⭐️A Rack application for serving static sitesmitRuby10 years ago9 months ago
9⭐️A modern web application framework and static site generator based on Jekyll.mitRuby6 years ago2 years ago
781⭐️Brute force static site generator for GhostmitPython7 years ago3 months ago
492⭐️:evergreen_tree: Cabin is the best JavaScript and Node.js logging service and logging npm packagemitJavaScript7 years ago3 months ago
3353⭐️Static site generator for designers. Uses Python and Django templates.otherPython10 years ago3 months ago
132⭐️Publish your markdown documents with the Dropbox APIiscJavaScript8 years ago5 months ago
89⭐️A simple site generatormitPHP8 years ago8 months ago
134⭐️A lightweight static website generator which aims to be simple and elegant.mitPython8 years ago3 months ago
101⭐️Your content driven static site generator.mitPHP7 years ago3 months ago
28⭐️Dropbox powered static site generatormitPython8 years agoa year ago
67⭐️a simple Python static blog generation utilitymitHTML12 years ago5 months ago
17⭐️Chronicle is a simple blog compiler, written in Perl with minimal dependencies.(GPL-3.0 OR Artistic-1.0-Perl)Perl6 years ago4 months ago
6⭐️A static html based blog system in 2 parts, one for show and one for submissionGPL-2.0Python9 years ago3 years ago
9⭐️A blog site generator in common lispbsd-2-clauseCommon Lisp12 years ago7 months ago
The Cloud CMS for Jekyll. Build static or Jekyll websites, have your team and clients update inline with the CloudCannon GUI.
28⭐️CMS and Static Site Generator created with the internationalization in mindmitJavaScript3 years ago3 months ago
828⭐️Static site generator written in RustmitRust6 years ago3 months ago
64⭐️Static site and documentation generator. Markdown for content. Jade/stylus for templates.MITJavaScript9 years ago4 months ago
286⭐️Pure client-side CMS-like file editor and media manager for stuff hosted on GitHub.mitJavaScript6 years ago3 months ago
445⭐️Flexible Lisp Blogwarebsd-2-clauseCommon Lisp10 years ago3 months ago
42⭐️Static website generator, structure/syntax-agnostic.otherPython9 years ago3 months ago
Contentful is a content management developer platform with an API at its core.
61⭐️Tiny generator for static sitesmitJavaScript5 years ago7 months ago
3⭐️Cub is a template development environment and static site generator in PHPMITPHP11 years ago6 years ago
39⭐️Static site generatoriscPython9 years ago4 months ago
13⭐️A static site generator written in python.mitPython9 years ago10 months ago
36⭐️A publishing tool for static websites.MITPerl7 years ago8 months ago
4629⭐️ is an documentation generator that uses a simple folder structure and Markdown files to create custom documentation on the fly. It helps you create great looking documentation in a developer friendly way.MIT7 years ago3 months ago
12⭐️deplate is a tool for converting wiki-like markup to latex, docbook, html, or "html-slides". It supports embedded LaTeX code, footnotes, citations, biblographies, automatic generation of an index etc.gpl-2.0Ruby11 years ago6 months ago
14⭐️A blog platform written in JavaScript for developers, but with normal people in mind.apache-2.0JavaScript6 years ago5 months ago
332⭐️A super simple "static site generator" Django app. (Unmaintained: see README for alternatives.)otherPython9 years ago3 months ago
5⭐️Push your django powered site to Amazon S3.bsd-3-clausePython5 years ago8 months ago
48⭐️SimpleHTTPServer with Django steroidsotherPython7 years ago4 months ago
3008⭐️Empower your website frontends with layouts, meta-data, pre-processors (markdown, jade, coffeescript, etc.), partials, skeletons, file watching, querying, and an amazing plugin system. DocPad will streamline your web development process allowing you to craft powerful static sites quicker than ever before.MITCoffeeScript10 years ago3 months ago
5⭐️A new healing docs kitbsd-3-clauseHTML6 years agoa year ago
17572⭐️Docusaurus makes it easy to build and maintain Open Source documentation websites.MITJavaScript3 years ago3 months ago
203⭐️Serve a website through your dropboxmitPython8 years ago5 months ago
9⭐️static website generator powered by PHP, YAML, Markdown and mustachemitPHP7 years ago2 years ago
6⭐️A static blog generator powered by Python and DropboxPython9 years ago2 years ago
1615⭐️Welcome to an easier way to blog. - A minimalist markdown blogging platform.MITPHP8 years ago3 months ago
3⭐️Yet another static blog generatorJavaScript8 years ago6 years ago
41⭐️Drupan is a flexible static site generator helping you to create blogs, single page applications or traditional websitesBSD-2-ClausePython9 years ago8 months ago
12⭐️A static site generator with a different approachmitD3 years ago3 months ago
8⭐️another static web site generator in a shell scriptShell6 years ago6 months ago
1⭐️A tool to manage websites based on Dynamic Web TemplatesmitD3 years ago2 years ago
45⭐️Dynamic StaticMatic pages with Sinatra.mitRuby11 years agoa year ago
48⭐️Easystatic is a simple static site generator that uses Markdown for web pages, EJS and Postcss for layout, Browsersync for cross-device testing...apache-2.0JavaScript5 years ago7 months ago
20⭐️ecstatic creates static web pages and blog posts from Hiccup templates and Markdown. EPL-1.0Clojure8 years ago5 months ago
2⭐️Static site generatorPerl7 years ago4 years ago
5947⭐️A simpler static site generator. An alternative to Jekyll. Transforms a directory of templates (of varying types) into HTML.mitJavaScript3 years ago3 months ago
2⭐️A simple static website generator.mitPython8 years agoa year ago
10⭐️a lightweight static website generatorbsd-2-clauseJavaScript7 years ago2 years ago
86⭐️[Not Maintained!] Jekyll-like static site generator for node.jsmitCoffeeScript8 years ago10 months ago
22⭐️A static website generator written in Python.mitPython9 years ago3 years ago
12⭐️A static website and blog generator in Node.jsMITJavaScript7 years agoa year ago
6⭐️Sinatra-like static site compiler.mitRuby8 years ago3 years ago
12⭐️A static web site generator for PHP programmersgpl-3.0PHP8 years agoa year ago
The Blog Tool for Discerning PythoneersBSD-3-ClausePython
1⭐️A static blog generator.otherPython8 years agoa year ago
2⭐️A static site generator written in F#.mitF#6 years ago3 years ago
74⭐️Batman’s toolbelt for static site generationmitJavaScript5 years ago4 months ago
15⭐️Lightweight, static page generatormitJavaScript8 years ago8 months ago
12⭐️Static website generator with MVC content system and built-in support for cloud hosting platformsbsd-2-clausePython9 years agoa year ago
FreeMarker-based text file PreProcessorApache-2.0Java
2⭐️(Yet Another) Static Blog Generator in PythonmitPython8 years ago6 years ago
418⭐️Static Site Non-FrameworkmitRuby11 years ago3 months ago
133⭐️A static site framework for online books.MITRuby6 years ago4 months ago
763⭐️Frog is a static blog generator implemented in Racket, targeting Bootstrap and able to use Pygments.MITRacket8 years ago3 months ago
637⭐️Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files.otherPython10 years ago3 months ago
12⭐️Funnel is a markdown to static html website generator. For Dropbox and gh-pages lightweight websites. Also has blogs!gpl-3.0Python9 years agoa year ago
9⭐️A .net blog and website generator using Razor templates to generate static html pages. Publish your site on Amazon S3. Also comes with its own dev server.otherF#9 years ago3 years ago
45222⭐️Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with ReactmitJavaScript5 years ago3 months ago
12⭐️A *very* simple static site generator using Twig.mitPHP8 years agoa year ago
5⭐️Static site generator using Jade, Stylus and Grunt.jsJavaScript7 years agoa year ago
8⭐️Gerablog is a static blog generator. Write your posts in in *Markdown*, publish in *HTML*. Just two commands (create and generate) and seven templates (header, footer, categories page, categories block, main index, post and feed).mitRuby4 years ago7 months ago
1⭐️A simple website creating tool, package, framework whatever.mitJavaScript7 years ago6 years ago
193⭐️Render static blog sites from Markdown using Ghost themesJavaScript6 years ago5 months ago
Websites for you and your projects, hosted directly from your GitHub repository. Just edit, push, and your changes are live.
Host your static websites on for free, or on your own GitLab Enterprise Edition instance.
76⭐️A Ruby-powered Rapid Document Authoring FrameworkotherRuby11 years agoa year ago
23⭐️A static site generator for YeomanmitJavaScript7 years ago3 years ago
23⭐️A static blog generator implemented in Go.MITGo8 years ago2 years ago
17⭐️A static blog generator written in Pythongpl-3.0Python11 years agoa year ago
251⭐️Static Site Generator for Gollum WikisMITRuby10 years ago4 months ago
597⭐️Golang编写的静态博客引擎BSD-3-ClauseGo8 years ago4 months ago
363⭐️Fast static site generatoriscGo8 years ago3 months ago
148⭐️Grain is a lightweight and powerful static website generator with custom themes to help create static, SEO-friendly websites or a blog in no time.(Apache-2.0 AND MIT)Groovy7 years ago6 months ago
12039⭐️Modern, Crazy Fast, Ridiculously Easy and Amazingly Powerful Flat-File CMSmitPHP6 years ago3 months ago
298⭐️Grav Admin PluginmitCSS5 years ago3 months ago
123⭐️Static site generator using Razor.MITC#9 years ago3 months ago
55⭐️A different take on a static site generatorBSD-3-ClauseGo8 years agoa year ago
25⭐️speedy and simplistic static site generator.apache-2.0Java5 years ago5 months ago
341⭐️A declarative website generator designed for high-quality websites, with a focus on easy maintenance and localization.mitPython7 years ago3 months ago
62⭐️python based, easy extendable, blog aware, static site generatorGPL-2.0Python11 years agoa year ago
25⭐️simple static site generator for gruntmitJavaScript8 years ago2 years ago
513⭐️iMatix GSL code generatorgpl-3.0C10 years ago3 months ago
33⭐️A deliciously fast and simple Filesystem-Web-CMS(LGPL-3.0 OR GPL-3.0)Python5 years ago7 months ago
48⭐️Static site generator plugin for gulpMITJavaScript7 years ago7 months ago
9⭐️BSD-3-ClausePHP6 years ago4 months ago
6⭐️A simple static site generator based on Nunjucks, LESS, and Markdown.MITJavaScript7 years ago10 months ago
10⭐️A static site generator with blogging/comments supportotherHaskell8 years agoa year ago
2161⭐️A static website compiler library in HaskellotherHaskell11 years ago3 months ago
10⭐️Single file static site generator written in PythonmitPython8 years ago3 months ago
Super-charge your web development with Hammer. Still using PHP includes for HTML? You're going to love hammer.
11⭐️node.js static blog generatorJavaScript5 years ago2 years ago
24⭐️A static site generator powered by PHP and the command linemitPHP5 years agoa year ago
15⭐️:bento: A website generator for software artisansbsd-2-clausePython6 years ago6 months ago
81⭐️UNMAINTAINED. I can only recommend you to checkout this brand new static website generator https://phenomic.iomitJavaScript8 years ago8 months ago
292⭐️The next static site generatormitJavaScript6 years ago3 months ago
163⭐️A static site generator built with Node.js, "Haroo" means "a day" Support Markdown presentation, Syntax Highlight, ThemesMITJavaScript9 years ago7 months ago
4874⭐️Static Site Server/Generator with built-in preprocessingMITJavaScript8 years ago3 months ago
155⭐️A static site generator written in GomitGo9 years ago4 months ago
A simple, functional, hackable static site generator that gives authors the ability to treat websites as Scheme programs.GPL-3.0-or-laterScheme
346⭐️JavaScript-based Jekyll cloneotherJavaScript8 years ago4 months ago
12⭐️Beautifully simple static site generator in PythonunlicensePython6 years agoa year ago
65⭐️Content generators in Scala. Intuitive, scalable, powerful.apache-2.0Scala3 years ago3 months ago
30637⭐️A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.mitJavaScript8 years ago3 months ago
27⭐️Static website generation system *NOTE:* Main dev mirror at years ago5 months ago
2997⭐️Easily include static pages in your Rails app.mitRuby11 years ago3 months ago
11⭐️commandline blogging & static pages & ruby.otherRuby11 years agoa year ago
8⭐️HTML Sucks Completely, an HTML preprocessorgpl-2.0C22 years ago3 months ago
25⭐️hublo: the world needed another site generatoriscEmacs Lisp5 years ago5 months ago
2850⭐️A web application to build your blog on GitHubmitCSS6 years ago3 months ago
44894⭐️The world’s fastest framework for building websites.apache-2.0Go7 years ago3 months ago
1540⭐️A Python Static Website GeneratormitPython10 years ago3 months ago
3⭐️A static site generator. Symfony Components, Twig, PHP >5.3.mitPHP9 years ago5 years ago
3⭐️Lightweight and turnkey static site/blog generator for developersApache-2.0Java5 years ago7 months ago
16⭐️Igor is a static blog generator written in pythonmitPython11 years ago8 months ago
938⭐️An elegant static blog generatorGo6 years ago4 months ago
48⭐️Static blog generator written in NimmitNim7 years ago6 months ago
3⭐️Just another generator for static sitesmitPython8 years ago5 years ago
851⭐️Java based open source static site/blog generator for developers & designers.mitJava8 years ago3 months ago
124⭐️Static site generator written in golangmitGo7 years ago4 months ago
6⭐️A jekyll like static blog generator with HoaPHP8 years ago4 years ago
53⭐️Static blog generater, server and writer. Write markdown with latex in desktop/mobile browsers.MITJavaScript7 years ago2 years ago
40677⭐️:globe_with_meridians: Jekyll is a blog-aware static site generator in RubymitRuby12 years ago3 months ago
2264⭐️A Jekyll plugin that provides users with a traditional CMS-style graphical interface to author content and administer Jekyll sites. mitJavaScript4 years ago3 months ago
6802⭐️Build a Jekyll blog in minutes, without touching the command line.mitCSS7 years ago3 months ago
1⭐️Simple static site generatorScala6 years ago5 years ago
2⭐️An easy-to-use static site generator.GPL-3.0CSS6 years ago3 months ago
4⭐️[defunct] node.js static site generator with a live updating development server - still in early stages - see rfunduk/blog for an example site that uses thismitCSS9 years ago3 years ago
1548⭐️Simple static sites with Laravel's BlademitPHP5 years ago3 months ago
5⭐️Static generator for Jinja2 templates with localized site tree at /<language> for each available localization.iscPython8 years agoa year ago
135⭐️[DEPRECATED] a static site generator written in Go based on JekyllmitGo8 years ago4 months ago
73⭐️Minimum viable blog generator. Markup in Jade. Static HTML output.unlicenseJavaScript8 years agoa year ago
427⭐️A quick-and-dirty (literate) blogging engineMITCoffeeScript8 years ago4 months ago
764⭐️Jr. the static, static javascript site generator (you should see this)MITHTML6 years ago3 months ago
18⭐️Java static site generatorMITJava8 years ago3 months ago
2⭐️Static site generation through file tree transformationmitJavaScript6 years ago2 years ago
38⭐️:electric_plug: Facilitate the front-end experience through Styleguides and PrototypesMITJavaScript6 years ago3 months ago
15⭐️A ridiculously simple markdown file-based website system built on Express, CoffeeScript and NodeJSMITCoffeeScript8 years ago4 years ago
80⭐️Poetic static site generator for Node.js.mitJavaScript8 years ago7 months ago
78⭐️Kirby's demo site is the easiest way to get started with Kirby.PHP2 years ago4 months ago
10⭐️Kukuruz - static site generator similar to Jekyll in Go.bsd-2-clauseGo7 years agoa year ago
72⭐️Git based blog?Ruby11 years agoa year ago
100⭐️:japanese_ogre: :frog: JavaScript static site generator with Org Mode & Markdown support (α) :boom: otherJavaScript4 years ago4 months ago
109⭐️Static site generator using Erlang. Yes, Erlang.apache-2.0Erlang6 years ago4 months ago
15⭐️Static web generatorCC-BY-SA-3.0Go9 years agoa year ago
10⭐️Static Site Generatorbsd-3-clausePython10 years ago4 years ago
2⭐️Static Site Generator for LaravelPHP6 years ago6 years ago
4⭐️[UNMAINTAINED] Please use Cobalt insteadmitRust6 years ago4 years ago
3⭐️A simple static site generatormitRuby11 years ago7 months ago
191⭐️Blogging with Org-mode for very lazy peoplegpl-3.0Python7 years ago4 months ago
129⭐️Beautifully Simple WebsitesMITPHP8 years ago5 months ago
3297⭐️The lektor static file content management systemotherPython5 years ago3 months ago
97⭐️Lenscap is a static site generator for creating beautiful photo narrativesbsd-2-clausePython6 years ago3 months ago
671⭐️A minimal, Markdown based blogging system written in Python.otherPython8 years ago4 months ago
18⭐️[DEPRECATED] A simple, flexible static site generator based on pluginsLua6 years agoa year ago
90⭐️static site generatorMITPython9 years ago5 months ago
338⭐️Felix Felicis (aka liquidluck) is a static blog generator in pythonPython9 years ago4 months ago
15⭐️Logya is a static website generator written in Python designed to be easy to use and flexible.mitPython9 years ago7 months ago
168⭐️:newspaper: Static site/blog generator written in Lua.mitLua8 years ago3 months ago
31⭐️A static site generator and Rack server built using Sprockets 2.0mitRuby9 years agoa year ago
41⭐️One-time import of https://madoko.codeplex.comapache-2.0JavaScript6 years ago5 months ago
125⭐️Magneto is a static site generator.mitRuby8 years ago6 months ago
69⭐️A static website generator built on GNU MakeAGPL-3.0+ WITH Autoconf-exception-3.0Makefile9 years ago5 months ago
10⭐️Minimalistic blog generator with social media integrationbsd-2-clausePython8 years ago7 years ago
17⭐️[ABANDONNED] Makefly is a fast and lightweight command line alternative to Nanoblogger static weblog engineGPL-3.0Lua8 years agoa year ago
1322⭐️Simple, lightweight, and magic-free static site/blog generator for Python codersmitPython3 years ago3 months ago
94⭐️[DEPRECATED] A blogging engine for Dropbox based on MarkdownPython8 years ago4 months ago
343⭐️A lightweight Markdown-based wiki system. Current status: abandoned.unlicensePython10 years ago3 months ago
1515⭐️Markdown to static HTML generator and multiple CSS themes for MarkdownBSD-3-ClauseHTML8 years ago3 months ago
129⭐️markdown + code => htmlmitJavaScript9 years ago4 months ago
10⭐️Massimo is a static website builder.mitRuby11 years ago3 years ago
The Site Plugin is used to generate a site for the project. The generated site also includes the project's reports that were configured in the POM.Apache-2.0Java
2880⭐️CMS/Wiki system using Javascript for 100% client side single page application using Markdown.AGPL-3.0JavaScript7 years ago3 months ago
71⭐️Mecha is a file-based content management system that carries the concept of minimalism.gpl-3.0PHP6 years ago3 months ago
4⭐️static site generator in PHP 5.3 using symfony componentsmitPHP8 years ago5 years ago
7499⭐️An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator.MITJavaScript7 years ago3 months ago
6⭐️Miblo is simple blog-aware static site generator writen in PHP 5.3 and using Twig.BSD-2-ClausePHP8 years ago7 years ago
6633⭐️Hand-crafted frontend developmentmitRuby11 years ago3 months ago
61⭐️Personal static website and blog generator for Go, Node.js and Python. No external dependencies and requires only a few hundred lines of code to run.mitJavaScript4 years ago3 months ago
198⭐️MinoriWiki is a static Wiki site GeneratormitJavaScript5 years ago5 months ago
41⭐️Baker is a static site generator for C# / .Net people.apache-2.0C#6 years agoa year ago
326⭐️Jekyll inspired static site generator in ClojureotherClojure9 years ago4 months ago
10251⭐️Project documentation with Markdown.bsd-2-clausePython7 years ago3 months ago
9⭐️Declarative static site generatorotherAwk7 years ago2 years ago
47⭐️Simple static site generator for Scala and middleman loversgpl-2.0Scala9 years agoa year ago
35⭐️A simple static site generator written in C#.mitC#8 years agoa year ago
14⭐️A zero configuration static site generator and asset preprocessor compiler.mpl-2.0JavaScript4 years ago6 months ago
356⭐️A static site generator.otherPython9 years ago3 months ago
1854⭐️A powerful web publishing systemRuby13 years ago3 months ago
10⭐️A very small static site generator written in Python.mitPython6 years agoa year ago
899⭐️A lightweight CMS, implemented in Sinatra.mitRuby12 years ago4 months ago
Drag and drop a folder with your site’s HTML, CSS, and JS files. We’ll publish them live and give you a link to share it.
2⭐️Neverland is a static blog generator with Clojure and Emacs Org mode.JavaScript8 years ago5 years ago
16⭐️static site generator with content pipelinemitPython8 years ago5 months ago
220⭐️Easy, fast and free CMS Blog. All you need is PHP to work.otherPHP8 years ago3 months ago
281⭐️MAINTAINER WANTED!bsd-3-clauseJavaScript8 years ago10 months ago
1901⭐️A static website and blog generatormitPython8 years ago3 months ago
78⭐️This repo is the code behind the blog HowToNode.orgJavaScript11 years agoa year ago
1⭐️Qabex Static Site Generator (qssg) is (yet another) static website build system.mitJavaScript8 years ago6 years ago
3⭐️A static-webpage-generator based on node.js using mustaches, markdown and JSON.mitJavaScript7 years ago6 months ago
217⭐️Flow-based reimplementation of the Jekyll static site generatorMITCoffeeScript8 years ago3 months ago
27834⭐️The Intuitive Vue FrameworkotherJavaScript4 years ago3 months ago
261⭐️Standalone orgmode blog exporter. DEPECATED, NOT MAINTAINEDWTFPLEmacs Lisp9 years ago4 months ago
9⭐️Static blog generator written in PythonwtfplPython10 years ago3 years ago
351⭐️Static Site Generator written in Elixir.mitElixir6 years ago3 months ago
16⭐️Razor and Markdown static site generatormitC#9 years ago2 years ago
1713⭐️Octopress 3.0 – Jekyll's FerrarimitRuby7 years ago3 months ago
9⭐️The Static Site Generator that does only one thing: compile your html and markdown.mitJavaScript4 years agoa year ago
4⭐️Custom Site GeneratorunlicenseLua6 years agoa year ago
109⭐️OpooPress framework is a java based blog aware static site generator.apache-2.0Java7 years ago4 months ago
1⭐️a simple static site generatorPython7 years ago5 years ago
370⭐️Build and deploy beautiful documentation sites that grow with youlgpl-3.0Kotlin3 years ago3 months ago
17⭐️Python6 years ago2 years ago
36⭐️pagen.js is a simple and customizable website generator for node.js.mitJavaScript7 years ago2 years ago
234⭐️Stackem Up!mitRuby11 years agoa year ago
64⭐️These are the plain text files used to produce my personal website with pandoc and a bash shell script called pansite.CC-BY-SA-3.0HTML8 years ago4 months ago
9704⭐️Static site generator that supports Markdown and reST syntax. Powered by Python.GPL-3.0Python10 years ago3 months ago
336⭐️Programmable static site generator built with Clojure and Boot (HELP NEEDED!)epl-1.0Clojure5 years ago3 months ago
264⭐️A flexible static site generator for node.jsmitJavaScript10 years ago8 months ago
3326⭐️Websites & apps static generator. Works React, Webpack, ReasonML and whatever you want ⚡️mitJavaScript5 years ago3 months ago
3⭐️A static site generator, using javascript and simple text files written in txt2tags (markdown ultra) syntaxMITJavaScript6 years ago2 years ago
44⭐️ZF2 module for creating a static blogBSD-2-ClausePHP8 years ago9 months ago
242⭐️A simple PHP website engine and static file generator.Apache-2.0PHP10 years ago3 months ago
2⭐️A static content publishing tool for the modern web.GPL-3.0C#8 months ago3 months ago
14⭐️An abandoned static site generator.mitPython11 years ago2 years ago
38⭐️a static website generatormitRuby10 years ago5 months ago
63⭐️PHP版静态化博客程序,支持自定义主题和插件PHP7 years ago6 months ago
581⭐️A node.js blog enginemitJavaScript8 years ago3 months ago
16⭐️A Static Blog GeneratormitPHP8 years ago9 months ago
42⭐️Static site generator written in Go and "compatible" with Jekyll & Pelican contentmitGo7 years ago5 months ago
32⭐️A damn simple static website generator.GPL-3.09 years ago9 months ago
64⭐️A static site and blog generatormitJavaScript9 years ago9 months ago
18⭐️A static page generator in .Net that is PowerShell friendlyC#6 years ago8 months ago
591⭐️A site generation tool (and then some) for .NET platforms ms-plC#9 years ago4 months ago
A hosted, API based and developer friendly CMS backend. We take care of upgrades, scalability and security.
17⭐️Static Site Generator in Assemble and Bootstrap 3mitApacheConf7 years agoa year ago
Prose is a content editor for GitHub designed for managing websites.
180⭐️a static website generator to make beautiful customizable pictures galleries that tell a storygpl-3.0Python5 years ago3 months ago
The easiest flat-file CMS for designers and their clients.PHP
1189⭐️A fun and easy way to build modern websitesmitJavaScript9 years ago4 months ago
63⭐️Pyblosxom file-based blogging engineotherPython9 years ago3 months ago
28⭐️Static website generator for sciencey peopleMITPython7 years ago6 months ago
27⭐️A Python-Powered Static Site Generatorbsd-3-clausePython9 years agoa year ago
20⭐️Qgoda (pronounce: yagoda!) is an extensible static site generator with arbitrary taxonomies and cross-links and a strong focus on multilanguage facilities.otherPerl4 years ago5 months ago
52⭐️Quill is a simple blog engine inspired by Jekyll. Quill runs on node and has an easy command line interface. Themeing is as simple as editing a single html page.BeerwareJavaScript8 years ago2 years ago
1⭐️Apache-2.0Ruby9 years ago7 years ago
9⭐️CLI driven, blog aware static site generator in PythonotherPython9 years ago3 years ago
5⭐️Static blogging with YAML and eRubyiscRuby12 years agoa year ago
43⭐️rage against web frameworks - posix shell static site generatorotherRoff10 years ago4 months ago
24⭐️Use React to generate your awesome static websiteotherJavaScript6 years agoa year ago
27⭐️(not maintained) React static site generator framework for Node.jsmitJavaScript5 years ago2 years ago
384⭐️An experiment in generating a static site from reactJavaScript6 years ago8 months ago
12⭐️A static site generator using isomorphic reactMPL-2.0CoffeeScript6 years ago3 years ago
5882⭐️The source code that powers readthedocs.orgmitPython10 years ago3 months ago
1⭐️Port of years ago6 years ago
4⭐️Refrain from unnecessary building.MITJavaScript6 years ago3 months ago
268⭐️static sites that roarmitJavaScript5 years ago5 months ago
19⭐️git based simple blog toolArtistic-1.0-PerlPerl7 years ago3 years ago
23⭐️A static site generator, written in Groovy.mitGroovy9 years ago7 months ago
159⭐️Building static empires with node.js.mitJavaScript8 years agoa year ago
1474⭐️a toolkit for rapid advanced front-end developmentotherCoffeeScript8 years ago3 months ago
132⭐️Just-in-time development server and static site generator.mitJavaScript5 years ago4 months ago
204⭐️NIH site generatorotherPython10 years ago4 months ago
15⭐️TextMate bundle for generating static Web sitesMITRuby9 years ago6 months ago
630⭐️MITRuby8 years ago4 months ago
11⭐️A simple static site generator written in ScalamitScala5 years ago10 months ago
1362⭐️Sculpin — Static Site GeneratormitPHP9 years ago3 months ago
833⭐️A static-file Markdown blogging engine.otherPHP9 years ago4 months ago
116⭐️Serif is a static site generator and blogging system powered by markdown files.mitRuby8 years ago3 months ago
2⭐️A static site generatormitPython8 years ago7 years ago
847⭐️Serve is a small Rack-based web server and rapid prototyping framework for Web applications (specifically Rails apps). Serve is meant to be a lightweight version of the Views part of the Rails MVC. This makes Serve an ideal framework for prototyping Rails applications or creating simple websites. Serve has full support for Rails-style partials and layouts.otherRuby12 years ago4 months ago
4⭐️Static site generator in PHPotherPHP9 years agoa year ago
2⭐️A small, static website generator written in Python.GPL-3.0Python10 years agoa year ago
2⭐️A Static Site GeneratorRuby6 years ago4 years ago
4⭐️Static site generator extension for SmeagolotherRuby8 years ago2 years ago
2⭐️Blog aware static site generator similar to JekyllApache-2.0Java9 years ago10 months ago
9⭐️We remember his diary, a static blogging tool.gpl-3.0Go6 years ago2 years ago
817⭐️Silex is a static website builder in the cloud. otherTypeScript7 years ago3 months ago
1055⭐️Simiki is a simple wiki framework, written in Python.mitPython7 years ago3 months ago
889⭐️A static blog generator with a single static pagemitJavaScript6 years ago3 months ago
28⭐️Static site generator based on swAwk8 years ago9 months ago
47⭐️simple-website – A zero-configuration static site generator written in GoGo6 years ago4 months ago
12⭐️Hypertext mechanics in BashmitShell9 years ago4 months ago
26⭐️Slightly less crappy PHP static site generatormitPHP9 years agoa year ago
mitC#3 years ago3 years ago
36⭐️Sitegenerator for Dart(Apache-2.0 AND BSD-3-Clause)Dart5 years ago3 months ago
55⭐️static site generator in MoonScriptMITLua9 years ago5 months ago
43⭐️imperative static site generator powered by React and browserifymitJavaScript4 years ago4 months ago
13⭐️With Markdown and GuardmitCSS7 years ago5 years ago
7⭐️A (nother) static site generator in PHP PHP9 years ago2 years ago
37⭐️Static site generator as an SBT pluginlgpl-2.1Scala7 years ago5 months ago
36⭐️socrates is a static site generator written in PythonotherPython10 years ago8 months ago
3⭐️Another attempt at a sorta-static site generatorbsd-2-clauseGo6 years ago3 years ago
40⭐️Static blog enginegpl-3.0Python8 years ago5 months ago
141⭐️Delightfully simple static site generator written in Swift [NO LONGER MAINTAINED]mitSwift4 years ago4 months ago
27⭐️Static Page Generator based on Nashorn, Java 8 and Mustacheapache-2.0JavaScript6 years ago2 years ago
3352⭐️Main repository for the Sphinx documentation builderBSD-2-ClausePython6 years ago3 months ago
461⭐️A modern static build tool, powered by webpackotherJavaScript4 years ago4 months ago
1736⭐️Spina CMSotherHTML6 years ago3 months ago
3⭐️A framework for building sites that don't change very oftenmitJava7 years ago3 years ago
368⭐️PHP Static site generatormitPHP7 years ago4 months ago
1⭐️A lightweight static blog generator for Node.jsMITJavaScript8 years ago6 years ago
10⭐️A static blog site generator built on FlaskPython8 years agoa year ago
7⭐️Another Static Site GeneraterPython6 years ago3 years ago
1055⭐️Cheap & easy content managementmitPHP11 years ago3 months ago
1⭐️A Static Site Generator for Node.jsmit6 years ago4 years ago
4⭐️Simple, single-file static site generator powered by python scriptsMITPython7 years ago5 years ago
42⭐️Static site generator from WizTools.orgapache-2.0Java6 years ago6 months ago
689⭐️Static sites made powerfulmitRuby10 years ago3 months ago
279⭐️Some Clojure functions for creating static websites.EPL-1.0Clojure7 years ago3 months ago
The friendliest CMS you'll ever meet. Powered by flat files, your favorites content parsers, and the raw power of nature.PHP
19⭐️A static site generator written in PHP that can work with any (most) existing Jekyll site, but can be easily extended in your (and my) favorite programming language, PHP!mitPHP3 years ago6 months ago
180⭐️Static Site GeneratorEPL-1.0Clojure10 years ago4 months ago
1386⭐️A better workflow for building modern static websites.mitJavaScript2 years ago3 months ago
133⭐️Static Website Starter Kit (static site generator) powered by Gulp, Jade, Bootstrap, LESS and BrowserSync. It can automatically deploy your website to GitHub Pages via Travis CI.apache-2.0JavaScript6 years agoa year ago
2⭐️Static Website Generator with Jade, Bourbon and NeatmitJavaScript5 years ago5 months ago
2⭐️Static website generator (Python + Mako)mitPython6 years ago5 years ago
6⭐️The simple static site generator built on node.jsmitJavaScript6 years ago2 years ago
200⭐️Minimalist Python library for building static sites w/ Jinja2mitPython8 years ago3 months ago
267⭐️The Lightweight Static Content frameworkmitRuby12 years ago5 months ago
56⭐️The lightweight static content framework.mitRuby10 years ago9 months ago
3⭐️Blog-focused static site generatorMITRuby9 years ago3 years ago
2⭐️A python static site generatormitPython8 years ago2 years ago
1⭐️publishes a static site to s3BSD-3-ClauseHaskell8 years ago7 years ago
242⭐️Multi-purpose static web site generator aimed at developers.mitPython4 years ago4 months ago
71⭐️Static website CMSArtistic-1.0-PerlPerl6 years ago5 months ago
62⭐️XML documents and web site compiler.gpl-3.0OCaml9 years agoa year ago
46⭐️It's yet another static site generator. Have you seen jekyll? hyde? Yup. Like those.otherPython9 years ago10 months ago
3⭐️Yet another static site generator.mitJavaScript6 years ago3 years ago
2⭐️A Simple & Fast Static Site GeneratormitRuby7 years ago3 years ago
Shipping web projects should be fast, easy, and low risk. Surge is static web publishing for Front-End Developers, right from the CLI.
50⭐️Simplest. Static page generator. Ever.iscJavaScript6 years ago6 months ago
16⭐️Static Website Generatorgpl-3.0Python10 years ago4 months ago
4⭐️A tool to generate static HTML pages using templates and markup sourceswtfplPython10 years ago3 years ago
1⭐️Grunt-based static site generator with an attitudegpl-3.0JavaScript7 years ago4 years ago
186⭐️The simplest static site generatormitPython7 years ago7 months ago
3⭐️Fully customizable structure and any paramsMITPython6 years ago2 years ago
8⭐️A simple static website build systemotherPython11 years ago2 years ago
21⭐️PHP static site generator using the plates template systemmitPHP4 years ago8 months ago
158⭐️A Flask-based static site authoring tool.MITPython8 years ago6 months ago
Weblog generator with a GUI editor. Uploads entries via FTP. Features: RSS 1.0, HTML templates, TrackBack, wiki-like formatting, Namazu index creation.BSD-3-ClauseTcl18 years ago
44⭐️A static site generatorotherTcl6 years ago7 months ago
241⭐️A flat file CMS based on Gulp and AbsurdJSmitJavaScript7 years ago4 months ago
56⭐️A modular extensible static-site-generator written in perl.Artistic-1.0-PerlPerl8 years ago4 months ago
A static website generator written in C++ integrating the Google V8 Javascript engineJavaScript
6⭐️A Python-Powered Static Site GeneratorPython9 years ago4 months ago
291⭐️Python blogging engineBSD-2-Clause-FreeBSDPython7 years ago3 months ago
1418⭐️the 10 second blog-engine for hackersmitRuby11 years ago4 months ago
44⭐️Extremely fast static site generator written in Objective-CotherObjective-C9 years ago10 months ago
132⭐️Super simple live static blog generator in Go. Vraiment trofaf.bsd-3-clauseGo7 years ago4 months ago
167⭐️A micro CMS for static websites, with a focus on good navigation practices.GPL-3.0HTML7 years ago4 months ago
14⭐️A static site generator written in Clojure in the style of Jekyll & Hyde.Clojure11 years ago3 years ago
33⭐️a minimal static blog generator written using old-school unix tools (make, ksh, m4, awk, procmail and a pinch of elisp)agpl-3.0Shell11 years ago3 months ago
34⭐️:E vee is a highly portable, zero configuration (but configurable), cli microblogging tool. Naow with GopherMode! :EwtfplShell9 years ago4 months ago
14⭐️Static site generator, and more...mitJavaScript6 years ago8 months ago
5221⭐️Personal Wiki for VimMITVim script8 years ago3 months ago
46⭐️A simple static site generator using Jinja2 and Markdown templates.apache-2.0Python9 years agoa year ago
43⭐️Versatile static website generatorBSD-3-ClausePython9 years ago7 months ago
MacOS/iOS application for editing notes. Has a static site publishing functionality extensible via JavaScript.App
16731⭐️Vue-powered Static Site GeneratormitJavaScript2 years ago3 months ago
11⭐️An XML/XSLT static site generator written in PHP.otherPHP8 years ago6 months ago
6⭐️Sorry I can't dance, I'm holding on to my friend's purseArtistic-1.0-PerlPerl8 years agoa year ago
6⭐️NOT MAINTAINED ANY MORE.Wanna is a blog-aware, static site generator in Node.js.JavaScript8 years ago6 years ago
3⭐️A DSL for generating static sitesmitJavaScript5 years agoa year ago
268⭐️NO LONGER UNDER DEVELOPMENTMITRuby12 years ago3 months ago
99⭐️webgen is a fast, powerful and extensible static website generatorGPL-3.0Ruby12 years ago4 months ago
2⭐️Simple PHP CLI generator of static sitesotherHTML8 years ago2 years ago
662⭐️Webhook Command Line Interface.mitJavaScript7 years ago4 months ago
4⭐️A narrow-minded but very fast static site generatormitPython7 years ago5 months ago
1370⭐️Wheat is a blog engine for coders written in node.JSotherJavaScript10 years ago3 months ago
17⭐️Fun static site generator for fans of gulp and bowerMITJavaScript6 years ago4 years ago
3492⭐️A flexible static site generatormitCoffeeScript9 years ago3 months ago
114⭐️A static website generator - Toss some content, templates, and media in a pan and fry it up!otherPython10 years ago7 months ago
113⭐️Node.js file based CMS inspired by Kirby & Stacey.otherJavaScript7 years ago4 months ago
1⭐️Really simple Web page editingMITPHP7 years ago5 years ago
654⭐️WordPress static site generator for security, performance and cost benefitsunlicensePHP4 years ago3 months ago
5⭐️Web Page With Make and M4 - static web page generatorotherMakefile, m43 years ago4 months ago
49⭐️A modular static content and static site generator.mitC#7 months ago3 months ago
11⭐️a static site generatorMITPython6 years ago6 months ago
3⭐️yet another static site generator using express.js and node.jsBSD-3-ClauseJavaScript8 years ago6 years ago
300⭐️Datenstrom Yellow is for people who make small websites.gpl-2.0PHP7 years ago3 months ago
GPL-2.0Perl18 years ago17 years ago
22⭐️reStructuredText based static blog generatorbsd-3-clausePython6 years ago5 months ago
298⭐️create static websites from YAML data and string templatesgpl-2.0Haskell11 years ago3 months ago
100⭐️Most zen static website generator in Golang.agpl-3.0Go7 years ago4 months ago
62⭐️MITRuby12 years ago7 months ago
5⭐️Yet another blog aware static site generatormitRuby4 years ago4 months ago
188⭐️A static website generator written in awk and sh.mitAwk9 years ago3 months ago
3635⭐️Your one-stop static site engine. Forget dependencies. Everything you need in one binary. Previously called Gutenberg until WordPress took the name.mitRust4 years ago2 years ago